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When Superheroes Fall


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About When Superheroes Fall

On the back cover: Rick and Sandee Lester at their wedding reception,
May 30, 1981

It seems logical that Superman and Wonder Woman would meet, fall in love, and live happily-ever-after.  Rick and Sandee Lester anticipated no less for their marriage.  After all, they were the real superheroes.  When they met in Korea, Rick was dressed as Superman, and Sandee’s nickname was Wonder Woman.  They were destined to share their lives. With their superhero status, they felt invincible to the complexities most marriages face.  They thought nothing could come between them.

Seven years and two children later, these superheroes were in trouble.  With a successful career in the Air Force as an F-15 pilot, Rick’s life revolved around his job.  Sandee struggled with Air Force living, the distance from her family and friends, and mothering two small children on her own.  She felt abandoned by her husband.  The sudden death of her father and other obstacles from her past caused a deep depression in her that led her to another man and thoughts of divorce.

When Superheroes Fall is a brutally honest account of how Rick and Sandee mishandled their marriage.  Along with their trials and disappointments, Sandee also shares some humorous anecdotes about Air Force living, marrying a fighter pilot, motherhood, traveling around Europe, and some serious moments about going to war.  Most of all, she tells the story of how God saved her and her marriage.

Sandee Lester wants others to know about God’s healing power in marriage. Divorce is never a worthwhile option.  When you may think there is no hope, God WILL step in and save your marriage – if you ask Him.


* When Superheroes Fall ends in a triumphal witness to the power of God.  This is an autobiography of the marriage of Sandee and Rick Lester, Air Force “Jetsetters”, living on the edge of the envelope of marriage.  God patiently pulled them out of their crash dive and brought salvation to their lives and rebuilt the marriage. 

I first met Rick and Sandee a few years after this story ends.  I was assigned as the Chaplain / Pastor of the U.S. community, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, (SHAPE) in the summer of 1996.  Colonel Rick Lester was the National Military Representative, (NMR) of the U.S.A. Rick and Sandee began attending my Chapel shortly after I arrived.  After closely observing their lives for over a year I invited Sandee to come on staff as our Worship Leader. 

 I am able to provide a unique review of this book because I was able to review their lives after the amazing events revealed in this story. The footprints of God in the sand of their lives were clear to me.  Rick and Sandee brought a level of joy in the LORD and stability in marriage that witnessed powerfully to the working of our Sovereign God. Their witness reached the highest levels of SHAPE / NATO.  Their lives touched the lives of the young enlisted through the senior leadership of the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines. 

Pastors would be blessed to have this couple on staff!  Churches will discover a “…fire shut up in their bones” that must express itself in praise to God for His healing power.  Those of us who know these two are blessed to see firsthand that our God’s hand grips the heart and directs it like a spring!  “The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD; He directs it like a watercourse wherever He pleases.” (Proverbs 21:1)

Chaplain (Colonel) Fred L. Hudson

U.S. Army, Retired    

* Author, Sandee Lester's extraordinary book is a testament/example of unconditional love through years of marriage.  This non-fiction account is for both men and women.  I encourage husbands and wives to read this book together, to affirm strength in their foundation through Christ in their own marriage.  How do couples rise above challenges?  I would suggest praying, read the Bible and also apply the lessons in, Sandee Lester's book, When Superheroes Fall!

Jean Huels

Writer, Editor

Forword by Pastor David Garcia

Sandee Lester has provided one of the most interesting and insightful looks into the causes of marital frustration and breakdown that I’ve seen.  Utilizing her own interesting and personal story about her marriage to Rick, an F-15 fighter pilot, Sandee examines and expands on the dynamics of how marriage can evolve from excitement and bliss to boredom and the loss of love.  The reason so many marriages end in boredom and the death of romance is that so many depend on their spouses for personal fulfillment and happiness and their unwillingness to probe into their own problems and shortcomings; especially their upbringing.

In my decades as a pastor, author and conference speaker, I am convinced that marriages are sabotaged by an inordinate dependency on the other person to make them “happy” and the failure of communicating innermost feelings, dreams and needs.

With much humor, wisdom and transparency, Sandee draws us into the world of her funny where we can see parallels in our own lives.  Her insights into parenting are fresh and applicable and her season of withdrawal and isolation from her husband are very real and mirrors the plight of many wives and husbands today.

“When Superheroes Fall” will give strategy, hope and faith to troubled marriages and give strength to stable marriages.  This is a must read for anyone looking to improve or save their marriage.  I heartily recommend it.

Pastor David Garcia - lead pastor
Grace World Outreach Church

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