Sandee Lester
Author, Speaker, Musician
            Sandee Lester 

Passionate about reaching out to other women, Sandee Lester has been in marriage ministry for over twenty-five years.  Performing since the age of seven, her comfort in front of an audience and love of people make her an entertaining speaker for your women's event.

Sandee is available to share her testimony and/or to discuss the tools for a healthy marriage. Through their years of marriage ministry, she and her late husband, Rick, identified the common causes of marital conflict and then applied biblical principles to help couples navigate down the road to a joyful marriage.

As a seasoned musician, Sandee can fill your musical needs for a pianist and/or vocalist.  She is also the author of GPS to a Joyful Marriage, When Superheroes Fall, and her latest Ebook, 
Resurrection Power for Marriage; Daily Supplement for a Healthy Marriage.


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